lounge with télévision and video-tape recorder

Before the orgard (sun-east ),your breakfast to wait for you on the terrace or in ours dining-room


hebergement pour 6 personnes chambre pour  1,2 ou 3 personnes les arbres fruitiers face à la chambre votre restauration sur place
LAFON-PLACETTE Viviane "perruquines" 82600 VERDUN sur GARONNE - -tel :

glycine iris

Fruit and jam house,fruit juice, bread and cakes,chocolate, coffee, tea, milk ...

- Tourism lodging called "boxwood" in Dieupentale inner city (1,5 kms from Perruquines lodging) - 2 stars -

la chambre salle à manger
facade au sud la cuisine


label charmance label gite de france
sheets and towels are supplied - holidays cheques accepeted - GITES DE FRANCE
label 3 epis cheques vacances acceptes animaux non admis